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12 November 2013

TAMTAM at Job & Orienta 2013

On November 21, 2013 project staff will participate to the Job & Orienta 2013 event in Verona and wi...
12 November 2013

TAMTAM Final publication

The final publication of the TAMTAM project has been released. It represents a key public outcome of...
22 September 2013

Exploitation workshop in Rome

In the exploitation phase of the project, six workshops were planned in as many European countries t...
2 September 2013

TAMTAM Final meeting

The final meeting will be held in Paris (FR) on September 19-20, 2013. The meeting will consist of a...
30 April 2013

Round of exploitation workshops across Europe announced

In the exploitation phase of the project, six workshops will be organized in as many European countr...
1 March 2013

TAMTAM Transfer meeting

The transfer meeting will be held in Turin (IT) on March 21-22, 2013. The meeting will see the parti...
3 September 2012

TAMTAM Interim meeting

The interim meeting will be held in Venice (IT) on October 11-12, 2012. The meeting will see the par...
26 July 2012

The TAMTAM platform is online

Based on the updated knowledge base showing a novel storage structure functional to achieving projec...
26 July 2012

Methodological guide

The methodological guide, resulting from the activities carried out in the frame of WP2 has been rel...
4 May 2012

TAMTAM adaptation Meeting

The meeting will take place in Brussels on July 12-13, 2012. Organized by KCH and 3s, it will see th...
23 February 2012

Dissemination paper on TAMTAM

The paper titled "Exploiting Semantics for Constructing and Comparing Occupational and Educational-d...
24 November 2011

TAMTAM at Job & Orienta 2011

On November 24, 2011 Politecnico di Torino project staff participated to the Job & Orienta 2011 even...
15 November 2011

TAMTAM Project web space

TAMTAM Project web space is online. The web space, targeted to VET actors from the educational and o...
8 November 2011

TAMTAM Kick-off meeting

The kick-off meeting of TAMTAM Exploiting the TIPTOE plAtforM by transferring ECVET and EQF semAntic...
3 October 2011

TAMTAM Project started

The eligibility period of TAMTAM Exploiting the TIPTOE plAtforM by transferring ECVET and EQF semAnt...

Welcome to TAMTAM

TAMTAM is not just an acronym, it is above all an onomatopoeic word used for auspicating a wide spreading of new qualifications and an effective usage of an interesting platform. The TAMTAM Exploiting the TIPTOE plAtforM by transferring ECVET and EQF semAntic tools in a Multi-sectoral perspective project (2011-1-IT1-LEO05-01969), promoted by Politecnico di Torino, is aimed at operating a sectoral and geographic transfer of the TIPTOE Testing and Implementing EQF and ECVET Principles in Trade Organizations and Education project: from commerce to ICT, fashion / textile, mechanics / mechatronics and energetic efficiency / green building; from the Netherlands to Italy, Austria, France, Germany, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain and United Kingdom. The construction and the intelligent grow of a common European space for lifelong learning (Lisbon process, ET 2020) highlight specific needs like: a) ensuring mobility and innovation in professions by means of semantically transparent qualifications articulated into units to which ECVET credit points are allocated (European priority); b) favouring employability thanks to an increased match between results and innovation needs of the labour world (New skills for new jobs). They also highlight a transversal need associated with the use of a platform.
For this, TAMTAM adapts (at the methodological, contenutistic and technological levels), transfers (through specific actions aimed at strengthening the awareness/appropriation degree and at testing mobility and ECVET tools) and valorises (through exploitation and dissemination activities) the platform and the methodologies developed in TIPTOE by: representing EQF level 5 qualifications in the chosen sectors; applying ECVET tools; gathering innovation needs and verifying the flexibility of qualifications and their predisposition to updatability. Results are represented by: the platform, the qualifications of the new sectors, the guide and tools on ECVET, and dissemination/exploitation materials.The target group is represented by operators of VET and by the users of selected sectors. TAMTAM aims at a) providing them with concrete answers to the demand for improved mobility and employability and up-to-dateness of occupational and educational profiles; b) adapting the TIPTOE platform to let it: manage the dialogue among heterogeneous actors; handle and cross a wide variety of information concerning the application of tools for transparency (specifically,ECVET) by taking into account sectoral aspects (SQFs); enabling benchmarking operations.
The empowerment of tools and specifically of ECVET among the various geographic areas will provide an important support to the free movement of students and workers across Europe. The consortium is made up of 11 core partners and 9 strategic partners and represents a remarkable sample of organisations which are strongly motivated and used to cooperate in European contexts. Hence, they can provide the appropriate contribution and support in achieving project results. Several partners have a wide and proven experience in LdV projects; they have established close relations with local bodies and policy makers. The experience and human resources involved assure the quality in achieving project aims and performing activities planned.